DSHA Home4Good Funding Helps Young Mother Find Home and Employment

DSHA Home4Good Funding Helps Young Mother Find Home and Employment
Ashley Meier
Posted By: Ashley Meier

Jasmine moved from Philadelphia to Wilmington, Delaware, with her two young children in May 2023 to flee domestic violence. She planned to stay with a relative, but after two weeks, that plan fell through, and Jasmine and her children found themselves homeless. They moved from shelter to shelter for several months until Housing Alliance Delaware connected them in December with the Salvation Army’s Wilmington office and Rapid Re-housing case manager Jaime Brown.

The Salvation Army’s Rapid Re-housing program has been funded by the Delaware State Housing Authority and the Federal Home Loan Bank (FHLBank) Pittsburgh through the Home4Good program since 2022.

The Home4Good program is a partnership between DSHA and FHLBank Pittsburgh. It awards grants to selected nonprofit organizations to support initiatives in Delaware that lead to stable housing for individuals and families who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. In Fiscal Year 2024, DSHA and FHLBank awarded approximately $1.08 million in grants to 10 organizations.

“Home4Good, which is supported by our member financial institutions in Delaware, is a flexible resource to address critical needs and encourage innovative programming. In partnership with DSHA, we are pleased to support the Salvation Army’s Rapid Re-housing program and many other programs throughout the state,” said John Bendel, Senior Director, Community Investment, FHLBank Pittsburgh.

With the $50,000 grant provided by DSHA each year, the Salvation Army helps individuals and families experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness find suitable housing and pay their rent for up to a year. It also assists clients with finding employment, budgeting, scheduling appointments, and managing other aspects of their lives so they are ready after a year to retain their housing and become self-sufficient.

Brown worked with Jasmine to develop a plan that included finding a job and a place to live. By March 2024, Jasmine and her children were settled in a two-bedroom apartment in Wilmington, and Jasmine was preparing to start working as a substitute teacher. In a year, Jasmine, who has a degree in psychology, hopes to be certified as a drug and alcohol counselor.

Jasmine said the Salvation Army’s Rapid Re-housing program has helped her “in a significant way,” and she is especially grateful to Brown for her assistance.  “She’s really a godsend,” Jasmine said.

“She reaches out to various organizations on our behalf. She helps with finding and delivering furniture and other household items. She makes sure we get to our appointments. She goes above and beyond for her clients.”  


Brown, who joined the Salvation Army in September 2023, currently has 30 cases and has placed 15 of them in housing. In addition to her work with clients, Brown spends much of her time visiting rental units and developing relationships with landlords. “I make myself known,” she said.

Many of them, she added, need to be assured that her clients will be able to sustain themselves financially after leaving the Rapid Re-housing program.     

Each Rapid Re-housing client gets a “short-term” voucher and is allotted a lump sum of $8,500. The Salvation Army pays the first month’s rent and security deposit and will also pay any old unpaid utility bills the client may have so utilities can be turned on in their new home. What is left of the lump sum is divided by 11, which is how much the Salvation Army pays each month toward the rent for the rest of the year. The client must pay the balance. 

During budgeting sessions with her clients, Brown said she helps them to determine whether they are earning enough to be self-sufficient after the year is up. If they are not, she will encourage them to find a better-paying job or get a second job. In many cases, she said, “They already know this on their own,” and they are willing to do whatever it takes to keep their homes.

The Home4Good grant the Salvation Army receives from DSHA and FHLBank Pittsburgh each year for the Rapid Re-housing program is supplemented by funding from other organizations.

The Salvation Army does vital work helping families and individuals who are going through difficult times. We are proud to partner with organizations such as the Salvation Army and FHLBank to provide resources and services that help fellow Delawareans find homes, jobs, and stability.

DSHA Director Cynthia Karnai

For more information about theHome4Good program, visit here.

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