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About the Delaware Family Reentry Program

happy family with dog

What is the Purpose?

Person holding a model home out
Person holding a model home out

How to Participate

  • Potentially eligible applicants should contact their Probation and Parole Officer, or the Delaware Center for Justice (302-658-7174) to see if they may qualify to participate in FRP.
  • Family members who are residing in PHA-assisted housing and believe their loved one may be eligible to participate in FRP should contact their Public Housing Authority.


To be eligible for the Family Reentry Program, applicants must meet the criteria outlined below:

Must be a U.S. citizen or have eligible immigration status. Eligible immigrants are persons who are in one of the immigrant categories as specified for HUD programs. The status of each member of the family is considered individually before the family’s status is defined.

Must be a resident of the State of Delaware.

Must have been recently released from incarceration, OR have been in the community for less than three (3) years either following a period of incarceration, or following the commission of an offense which did not result in incarceration, but would otherwise result in the applicant not being admitted into PHA-assisted housing under existing tenant screening policies.

Must have a family member or members residing in a housing unit assisted by one of the five participating PHAs. For the purposes of this Program, “family” is defined as the applicant having a close relationship (parent, sibling, child, grandparent, grandchild, spouse, domestic partner) with the primary leaseholder prior to the conviction for the offense which resulted in their being excluded from PHA-assisted housing.

Must be identified and referred to one of the five participating PHAs for FRP assistance by DOC or by a DOC-approved provider.

Eligible applicants will be permitted to remain as a guest of the PHA-assisted household for a period of one or two years. During this time, the participant will not be an official party to the lease, and his/her income will not be included in the household subsidy calculation. After the one- or two-year period is completed, the FRP participant may request to officially be added to the PHA’s lease with the household.

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