HOME Investment Partnerships (HOME)

This federal program is offered statewide by DSHA and provides financial assistance to affordable housing providers, often in conjunction with Housing Development Fund financing.

How To Apply

  1. Make sure you (the borrower) meet all borrower requirements.
  2. Please contact the DSHA Contact Person.

Borrower Qualifications

  1. Nonprofit and for-profit developers and other housing agencies may apply for HOME financial assistance for acquisition, demolition, new construction, reconstruction, conversion or rehabilitation of single- or multi-family housing and transitional/group housing.
  2. Nonprofits wishing to qualify for set-aside money must meet eligibility criteria by the federal government. DSHA can assist you in determining the documentation required.

DSHA Contact Person
Do you have questions about this program? Would you like to suggest an improvement to this Web page? Please contact Alice Davis, Housing and Loan Specialist at 302.739.4263.