Housing Development Fund (HDF)

The purpose of the Housing Development Fund (HDF) is to provide affordable, decent, safe and sanitary housing to responsible very low-, low- and moderate- income households.

The HDF program is designed to provide loan financing to developers of Low income Tax Credit Housing (LIHTC) projects. Types of developments that will be considered include, but are not limited to, new construction, acquisition and rehabilitation of existing rental housing, and the adaptive reuse of nonresidential buildings for the purpose of developing affordable rental housing.

Loan financing is also available to non-LIHTC developers who are interested in developing affordable or maintaining multi-family rental housing and/or Special Populations housing.

In addition to loan financing, the HDF program provides grant funding to sponsoring agencies to develop affordable homeownership opportunities, support Housing Support programs, and to assist with Energy and Accessibility improvements.

Because the HDF has limited funds, it is the applicant's responsibility to provide DSHA with evidence that other potential sources of funding have been explored or exhausted.

HDF - Statewide Emergency Repair Program (SERP)


DSHA is pleased to announce the release of a Notice of Funding Availability for experienced emergency repair 501(C)(3) nonprofits and/or Local jurisdictions responsible for CDBG Programs that included emergency repair programs. DSHA may select one or more agencies to manage the program for the State.

HDF funding is available for a Statewide Emergency Repair Program for repairs to low-income, owner-occupied housing units that address an emergency condition threatening the health or safety of an owner-occupied household’s occupants. An emergency is defined as an unexpected occurrence or combination of events calling for immediate action. All eligibility requirements for Applicants and homeowners are defined in the SERP Guidelines below.

Availability of SERP Funds

Funds for the Program ($500,000) will be disbursed through a competitive process.

How to Apply for a SERP Grant

Please refer to the NOFA Guidelines listed below for instructions on how to apply, date and time deadlines, and application process and eligibility requirements.


Please download and review the documents below to learn more about the NOFA for a Statewide Emergency Repair Program, get forms, and to determine if you qualify.

NOFA Statewide Emergency Repair Program Guidelines and Application – (FUNDING ROUND CLOSED)

  1. NOFA – Statewide Emergency Repair Guidelines
  2. SERP Application – Part I (Fillable Word Document)
  3. SERP Application – Part II (Excel Format)
  4. SERP Exhibit Checklist – Part III (Word Document)

HDF Grant and Loan Programs

How to Apply for a HDF Grant or a Loan

Instruction on how to apply for HDF funding, date and time deadlines, and eligibility requirements may be accessed below.

Application Materials for 2017 HDF Funding Round

Please review the documentation below to learn more about the HDF program, eligibility requirements and to access and download applications and forms.


  1. A Quick Overview of the HDF Program Coming Soon!

HDF Guidelines for Applying

  1. Guidelines for Homeownership Production Grant
  2. Guidelines for Housing Support Grant
  3. Guidelines for Energy and Accessibility Grants
  4. Guidelines for Non-LIHTC HDF Loans
  1. HDF Grants
    1. Application
      1. HDF Grant Application
    2. Homeownership Production
      1. Application Exhibit Checklist for Homeownership Production
        1. Exhibit #6: Project Description Form
        2. Exhibit #8: Homebuyer Affordability Analysis Form
        3. Exhibit #15: Marketing Strategy Form
        4. Exhibit #17: Government Jurisdiction Form
      2. Homeownership Production Score Sheet
      3. HDF Universal Design Score Sheet (Projects with 4 units or less)
      4. DSHA Homeownership Priority Area Map
        1. HPA Interactive Map
    3. Energy and Accessibility
      1. Application Exhibit Checklist for Energy and Accessibility
      2. Energy and Accessibility Score Sheet
      3. Rehabilitation Standards Checklist
    4. Housing Support
      1. Application Exhibit Checklist for Housing Support
    5. Additional Documents for Grantees
      1. Word Template to Create Exhibit Cover Sheets
      2. Income Verification Worksheet
    6. DSHA Webinar Information
      1. Homeownership requirements for Truth in Lending Act (TILA), Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) and TRID (TILA/RESPA) Disclosure Requirements
        1. PowerPoint Presentation (6.1.2016)
        2. Handouts
          1. Closing Disclosure Sample 1
          2. Closing Disclosure Sample 2
          3. Closing Disclosure Sample 3
          4. HDF TIL Notice
          5. SNHF TIL Notice
          6. Understanding DSHA's Grant Restriction Agreement (FAQ)
          7. http://www.consumerfinance.gov/policy-compliance/guidance/implementation-guidance/tila-respa-disclosure-rule/
  2. HDF Loan
    1. Application
      1. HDF Non-LIHTC Loan Application - Part I
      2. HDF Non-LIHTC Loan Application - Part II (Pro Forma)
    2. Forms and Documentation
      1. HDF Loan Score Sheet
      2. Application Exhibit Checklist for HDF Loan
      3. HDF Loan Universal Design Score Sheet (only required for applications with 4 units or less)
      4. DSHA HDF Underwriting Criteria
      5. General Contractor Certification and Questionnaire
      6. DSHA HDF Minimum Construction Standards
      7. DSHA HDF Market Study Requirements
      8. DSHA Approved Market Study Analyst List
      9. DSHA Management Agent Requirements
      10. DSHA Management Agent Questionnaire
      11. AFHMP HUD Form 935-2a
      12. Balanced Housing Maps
      13. Draw Requisition and Cost Certification
        1. DSHA Mortgagor's Draw Requisition and Cost Certification Guide
        2. Mortgagor Draw forms (D101-D102)
        3. Contractor Draw forms (D101-D106)
        4. Mortgagor Cost Certification forms (CC100-CC110)
        5. Contractor Cost Certification forms (CC101-103)

DSHA Contact Person
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