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Delaware Transit Corporation (DTC) Application

PostPosted: Mon Feb 15, 2016 1:48 pm
by DSHA Dev Staff

Please be advised that if 2016 LIHTC applicants plan to compete for Access to Transit points, application to DTC must be made by February 26, 2016 with the required information or the applicant will fail to qualify for receiving points in this category. Please provide the following information to DTC with your request for a MOA by February 26, 2016:

• General map showing the location of your proposed development in relation to the City or State Map in Delaware;
• General site plan depicting the building locations both current and proposed;
• Detailed site or construction plan depicting the proposed location for the transit improvement(s) per the Access to Transit submission through DSHA;
• Cost of improvements (provided by the applicant’s site engineer (or other qualified cost professional); and
• Copy of Certificate of Liability Insurance.

Delaware Transit Contact Information:
David Dooley
Senior Service Development Planner
Delaware Transit Corporation/DelDOT
119 Lower Beech Street, Suite 100
Wilmington, DE 19805-4440
P: (302) 576-6064