Advantage 4

Need Down Payment Assistance?

If saving enough for a down payment and closing costs have kept you from buying a home of your own, DSHA's Advantage 4 may be able to help. All applicants who are eligible for any of DSHA's Homeownership Loans can access an amount equal to four percent (4%) of the amount of the first mortgage that is used to cover down payment and closing cost expenses associated with buying a home.

  • This is a grant, there is no repayment required.

Do I Qualify?
To qualify for Advantage 4, you must meet all requirements for a DSHA Homeownership Loan.

How do I apply?
Contact a participating DSHA Mortgage Lender.

Your lender can help you choose the down payment option that is right for you. You can also check out our Home Buyer's Information Guidebook for more information.

Contact DSHA
Do you have questions about this program? Please contact DSHA toll-free at (888) 363-8808 or via email at